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One of the core issues you may run across in the home buying process is with Credit.  In today's economy it is quite rare for someone to not have some sort of credit issues that may affect them getting pre-approved to get a mortgage.  If you have credit issues that you know of, don't let that discourage you...we just have to work on that.  I have teamed up with an excellent company that offers credit repair and the best part is its not a monthly service fee like a lot of them, this company only charges for deletions and they are as low as $20 per deletion.  This method is much quicker because they only get paid if they are actually helping you by removing negative items...unlike the monthly plans that will basically drag out the process as long as possible because that is how they make money.  If you would like more info, just fill out the form below and I will have them contact you

If you are currently renting, did you know you can get your rent reported to the credit bureaus, and sometimes even your past rent?   Its true, you can and this can give you a nice boost to your credit score since its generally your largest bill and paying it on time gives you a positive rating.  The company is called Rent Reporters and the cost is only $3.95 a month. You can visit their website and get signed up here

You may or may not know that the credit score needed to buy right now is 620 or better (sometimes lower).  There are even 100% financing programs available with a 640 score.  If you know your score is around that right now let me know, I have several good mortgage lenders I deal with on a regular basis and their info is below.  They can tell you what programs you qualify for, the max loan amount, payments, etc...or if you have something that needs to be taken care of first, they will let you know that as well.  You can see my preferred lenders here on my site

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